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Otoka Shopping Centre

Otoka Shopping Centre

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Otoka  Shopping Centre in Sarajevo is a place where shopping is a real joy. This center, which has a longstanding tradition, is refreshed and renovated with the desire to awake joy in people a just looking at it. It is on an exceptional location and has transport links to all parts of the city. Therefore, its profilation is so diverse, from classic shopping center across very rich green market until the bazaar with clothing and footwear; many different sales and service facilities suitable for everyone's pocket. Shopping here is rather simple, wherever you go you will find the best deal in the city of Sarajevo:
it is filled with great gastronomic oasis, with a summer garden cafe, restaurants, boutiques, florists, opticians, banks, supermarkets, shoe stores, hair salons, jewelers, child shops and sporting goods, store white goods and household supplies, bookstore, photo shop, gift shop, pharmacy, perfumery, drugstore, children's playground and more.
This is no longer just a place of convenient shopping, this is a place of gathering, socializing and joy. Otoka Shopping Center  is an interesting blend of tradition with today's modern trends.
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Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9AM - 9PM
Sunday: 10AM - 6PM

  • Otoka Shopping Centre
    Gradačačka 1
    71000 Sarajevo, BiH
  • +387 33 720 992
  • info_otoka@rlbh.ba
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